Outdoor Kitchens in Phoenix, AZ

Do you love spending time cooking for family and friends on the weekends? Do you wish you could be much more efficient when preparing the dishes you’re serving them?

Traveling to and from the indoor kitchen is not the most convenient and social setup. After all, you would want to be able to socialize and join in on the fun with your guests. It wouldn’t be too much of a party for you if you spend most of your time preparing in the kitchen.

Get an Outdoor Kitchen and Make It Stylish

Don’t you worry, our landscape architects have got your problem solved! Our outdoor kitchens installer can help you come up with a great outdoor kitchen design that will be both functional and good-looking too!

Building outdoor kitchens is not just about having a stovetop or grill in your Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, or Cave Creek, AZ backyard. If you want a fully functional kitchen outdoors, everything from plumbing to exhaust to appliance fit and size should be factored in.

And then there’s the use of materials for the space itself. What kind of material will be used for the flooring? How much backsplash should be there? What is the best layout for all the things you need in your outdoor kitchen? How does it flow in relation to the guest area?

Maintenance and cleanup are also important considerations. From plumbing to electricity, waste disposal, and more, you need to have an outdoor kitchen that is easy to clean. Especially because it is outdoors, keeping it well maintained and protected against outdoor elements like heat, rain, dust, and other debris is important as well.

Contact Our Outdoor Kitchen Installers

You can count on Landscape 20/20 LLC to do all of that for you in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Cave Creek, AZ! Just give us a call or message us so we can get started on planning the best outdoor kitchen for your needs.

We can’t wait to deliver the outdoor kitchen, landscaping, or patio of your dreams. Share with us your ideas, and we can further refine or enhance them if you would prefer. If you’re set on what you have and are confident with your design choices, we’ll make it happen for you!

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