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Essential Winter Care: Safeguarding Arizona Succulents from the Chilling Cold!

Arizona’s warm and dry climate provides the perfect conditions for succulent plants to thrive all year round. However, when winter arrives, even the desert can experience cold temperatures that can be harmful to these beloved plants. To ensure the survival of your Arizona succulents during the frigid winter months, it is essential to provide them […]

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5 Desert Plants To Use When Landscaping

  5 Desert Plants To Use When Landscaping Landscaping in the desert can seem like an impossible task, but there are plenty of desert plants to use that are easy to maintain and don’t require a lot of water. 1. Succulents Succulents are plants that have thick stems and leaves that store water. This unique […]

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Best Types Of Grass For Desert Climates

Whether you live in the desert or near one, the right grass is essential for a healthy lawn. Grasses are a complex family, with many different growth forms. They have evolved a variety of strategies for avoiding extremes in heat and drought. These include water storage in stem nodes (shrubby grasses) and root crowns (bunch […]

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