Why Artificial Turf Is a Great Option for Your Home

If you have never considered the possibilities of synthetic grass, you’re missing out on many benefits. Artificial turf installation is a great option for homeowners and business owners.

This quick guide will provide you with more information on synthetic turf and why you might want to consider this ground cover choice. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Turf?

Synthetic grass has been around for decades. However, the turf of today is far improved to the first products that came out years ago.

Turf is made from polypropylene plastic pellets. These pellets are attached to a thatch layer that gives the product support. Synthetic turf also goes through a tufting machine, which creates the blades of grass appearance. More and more people are turning to this ground cover option. Let’s look at some benefits.

Money and Time Saver

Artificial grass does not need water or upkeep. You can enjoy beautiful green ground cover all year with no maintenance. You will spend less money on your water expenses.

With mowing no longer on your to-do list, you can also enjoy extra time in your schedule during the summer months. During the fall and winter, leaves and other yard debris can simply be swept away.

Stays Green All Year Long

Another great benefit is that artificial grass stays a beautiful shade of green all year long. You will not need to worry about your grass turning an unsightly brown during the fall and winter months.

Even during the spring and summer, many homeowners invest a lot of time and money and water to make sure that their yard stays that lovely shade of green. Turf brings you this without the work.

Environmentally Friendly

Since turf requires no mowing, you will not be adding any pollution to the air. There is also no need to use harsh chemicals to kill weeds or pests.


An artificial lawn is also very durable. Natural lawns often experience worn spots and discoloration. You will not experience this with artificial grass. Kids and pets can play and move around, and the grass will continue looking great for years to come.


Artificial grass does away with dirt and allergens. This can be very helpful for families that are prone to allergies. You will also enjoy the lack of dirt or other debris getting on your pets or children.