Protect Your Artificial Turf From the Heat of Window Reflections

Arizona is famous for hot temperatures. When the temps rise to extreme heights during the summer, it can actually cause damage to your lawn. Arizona residents are starting to see a strange phenomenon in which their artificial turf grass is melting. Learning how to identify the cause of this problem is important in solving it and preserving the beauty of your turf. This quick guide gives you information on melting turf and how to stop it. Keep reading to learn more.

What Causes Artificial Turf to Melt?

If you have invested in synthetic grass installation, you were probably informed on how to care for and protect your investment. Homeowners are advised that the melting point of turf is nearly 200 degrees F. This is way above even the hottest, sunniest days in Arizona. So, why are residents reporting melting turf?

This problem is often due to the fact that homeowners also have Low-E windows installed in their homes. These types of windows reflect the sun’s rays and the sun’s heat at a much faster rate than normal windows. The windows are designed this way to conserve energy and keep a home at an even temperature. That’s fine, unless the windows are glaring down on artificial turf.

The hot spots created by the reflections from these types of windows can reach alarming heights in a short amount of time. Some homeowners report melted turf only a week after artificial turf installation.

It is also important to note that anything laying in the glare of these special Low-E windows can be damaged from the intense heat being generated. This could include toys, lawn decorations, furniture and other items.

What Should I Do If My Turf Melted?

If you have found melted spots in your turf, you should first locate the source of the heat. Not all of your windows will cause the damage. The sun’s rays must hit the window a certain way to generate the extreme heat. Take some time on a very hot sunny day to examine the yard for hot spots and then trace back the heat source.

Can My Turf Be Protected?

Yes. You can protect your turf from melting. If you already have damaged spots in the lawn, those spots will need to be removed and replaced. Going forward, you can protect your lawn by having Turf Guard Window Films installed.

These special films redirect the light away from your lawn. Window films help to scatter the light in many directions so that it is not being concentrated on your lawn.

Your artificial turf is an investment you have made into your home. It is important that you protect that investment. Window films can help you accomplish this and keep your turf looking great all year long.