How To Design the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen That Meets Your Needs.

Have you spent the winter months daydreaming about using your outdoor spaces to their maximum potential as soon as possible? Here are a few tips for how to design an outdoor kitchen that meets your needs from the experts at Landscape 20/20 LLC.

Start With a Dream and a Budget When Designing a Outdoor Kitchen That Meets Your Needs.

The first step is deciding what you want and need from an outdoor kitchen. Is your ultimate goal to bring all the amenities of your kitchen outside? Or perhaps you simply want your grill and entertainment seating in a convenient area. Once you establish the main goal of your outdoor space, the area will start to take shape in a personal way instead of a generic concept. This will allow you to communicate your exact needs as we plan and build your outdoor kitchen.

The second step is to consider your current space and a possible location for the setup, as well as any possible limitations. For example, do you want your kitchen near the pool, so you can watch the kids? Or maybe closer to another key location, so you can enjoy a sunset or open area while cooking and entertaining? The perfect location for the outdoor kitchen will ensure you spend countless hours enjoying the convenience of preparing meals while in the midst of all the fun.

The third step is to let go of any preconceived rules you may have about an outdoor kitchen. You may think you have to have a grill, but if you prefer a Blackstone that is just fine. Or maybe you love the flames of a grill; that’s fine too. Do you want it in the shade with a big screen TV to watch the game? Or maybe exposed to the warm sun so that you can enjoy every bit of the outdoor time? Many people place common kitchen appliances in a protected area, like a fridge and ice maker. Others choose a cooler setup to keep drinks available without worrying about the elements. Each decision will likely affect another so as you make choices such as location and level of shelter; you will be able to make more choices such as fans, and type of furniture with ease.

At Landscape 20/20 LLC, we strive to bring your vision to life with perfect clarity. If you have been wondering how to design a outdoor kitchen that meets your needs, then contact us to start the process. We can help you with the design process, recommend the best materials to choose from that will last in the elements, and show you past projects for ideas. We are your go-to for all of your outdoor project needs. Contact us today at (480) 570-4995.