The Benefits of Turfing

Although well-maintained lawns with turf have become an integral part of society, you may still be asking yourself: what is turf? Turf is a matted roll with compact grass and a root system used as the top layer of landscaping. Some common turf types include St. Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede, Bahia, and Bermuda Grass. The turf to choose depends on your location and the need for either warm-season or cold-season grass! The environmental and lifestyle benefits of turfing make it a go-to for many homeowners when their outdoor space needs a quick upgrade. In reference to positive environmental impacts, turfing assists with climate control, dust filtration, erosion control, pollution reduction, and runoff control. Due to turf staying relatively cold in the summer months, it can help control the climate around your home and will regulate temperatures. Turf is also a great way to filter dust, since it traps harmful particles in the atmosphere. Dust filtration will encourage clean air. Turf controls erosion by effectively catching excessive water before it moves into the soil. The trapping of water droplets will decrease the soil carried away by large amounts of water. Turf erosion control can be essential during severe rain storms! Pollutants that can damage air quality include sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. By turfing, you can reduce pollution and improve the quality of the air you breathe. Pollution reduction can also be beneficial for soil quality. The turf will block damaging chemicals from absorbing into your soil, resulting in a flourishing lawn! Lastly, turfing can control runoff by trapping excessive water and pollutants. The ability to control runoff will promote a well-balanced ecosystem near your property.


In addition to the positive environmental impacts, turfing has many lifestyle benefits. The lifestyle benefits include noise reduction, injury reduction, increased attractiveness, and increased home value. While noise reduction may not be assumed when considering the benefits of turfing, it is a factor worth noting! Turf will effectively reduce the loudness of nearby sounds and create a more pleasant outdoor space to relax and wind down. Noise reduction is increasingly convenient for those close to loud highways or large cities. Those with turf are less prone to injuries due to the lush and soft nature of its texture. There will be no need to worry about injuries during outdoor sports at your home after including turf in your landscaping. When you ask yourself “what is turf?” you probably think about its beautiful and lush appearance on a lawn. One of the most well-known lifestyle benefits of turf: It increases the attractiveness of your home. The increase in attractiveness will improve your home’s curb appeal and impress your guests! Lastly, turfing will increase your home’s value. This increase in home value stems from the improved curb appeal. House hunters will be increasingly interested in your home after they get a look at your well-manicured lawn and beautiful exterior. In conclusion, the benefits of turfing are many. Look into adding this valuable landscaping feature to your home today!